A New Approach

I’m embarrassed that it has been so long since I have posted on my blog! All I can say is that I have endured a lot of changes in my personal life that kept me away from my passion for longer than I would have anticipated. But I’m back! And excited to be here.

I’ve learned so much over the last few months, but I want to focus on what I’m going to apply to my writing. Time goes so fast, and one thing I have realized is how much I love to laugh. Humor is a key ingredient to life happiness. It is also a key ingredient to many successful books! I was lucky enough to attend both the annual SCBWI winter conference in New York and the Midwest Wild, Wild West conference in Chicago this past spring. One thing I love about conferences is the opportunity to network and re-energize. The positive energy at conferences is contagious; if you have never experienced it, give yourself the gift of a conference! You will be motivated like never before.

I am trying to work from an angle of humor in my stories as often as I can. It is very challenging to revise stories I felt confident in previously; however, once I can do it successfully, often infusing humor in a variety of ways, the story is much richer. I am having fun with new angles and innovative inferences; the sky is the limit! If you haven’t considered humor before, it can deepen your characters and enrich your plots and subplots. Read Troy Cummings Notebook of Doom series. Troy is the master! I love the angle he has used in these books. There is humor on every page. They are worth your time!

Okay, time to write again. Cheers!