Back on Track!

End of July? I can’t believe it! Sometimes I hate how quickly time gets away from me. I know it’s Friday night, but I had to make myself sit down and work this evening. I was able to get three stories finalized and into envelopes. They are off to three different publishers tomorrow! I finally feel like I’m being productive which is refreshing.

It’s been a busy summer; I’ve learned that it isn’t easy to work full time, keep a toddler entertained, and continually produce new stories. Life it tough! There is certainly something to be said for setting a schedule and sticking to it. I write a little every day, albeit sometimes that writing isn’t fiction! Query letters, synopses…it’s all part of it, and I’m in that phase of learning how to juggle it all. I’m proud of myself for finalize the three stories I prepared for submission tonight; that is a step in the right direction.

I’m also slowly but surely working on a new project. I find this one very exciting! In my position at Purdue, I have been inspired to work on a picture book about the university. Through my previous educational experience, I was surprised to discover how many children right here in town didn’t know about the wonderful opportunities Purdue has to offer. This fabulous institution is literally on their doorsteps and they have no idea! I want to change that. I can’t give too much away yet, but this is a story you won’t want to miss, especially if you are a Boilermaker at heart. Who knows, maybe this could turn into something I could do for a variety of institutions! But for now, all I can say is…Boiler Up!

And enjoy your Friday evening. Whatever you do, make it count!