Up for the Challenge?

I came across this YouTube video on my lunch hour today. It seems like as the months go by, I have less and less time to work on my books. I was looking for some tips to jumpstart myself into getting back into the habit–establishing a routine and sticking to it. I think Marie has some great ideas! I’m also going to try and commit to this 750 word challenge. Maybe ot every day, but as much as possible.

I would love to hear from you on this subject! How do you find time to write with all of the other commitments you juggle in your life? Another job or career? A spouse? A parent? I know time management is the key, but what strategies do you use?

Thanks for stopping by!

A Publisher’s Response to Sandy Hook

Last week’s tragedy at Sandy Hook Elementary sent shock and heartache throughout the nation. As a former elementary teacher, the pain and sadness hit very close to home. I just keep thinking, “What could have been done differently?” I’m not sure there is one right answer, but there is one thing I do know. We need to educate our children and strive to ensure they are living carefree, happy lives. How do they learn? Reading. Communicating. Keeping an open mind. And soaking up as much knowledge as humanly possible.

I love the response from the writing community. A local publisher is donating a few books that have strong components of building relationships and showing compassion. One of my personal favorites, The Kissing Hand, is going to every child in a Newtown elementary school. I hope this article posted in Publisher’s Weekly warms your heart as much as it did mine.

If you are in personal contact with a publisher, please forward this article and encourage them to join others in the industry by donating a title in the name of one of the victims.

Carle Museum Here I Come!

With as much as I love children’s books and writing for children, I’m sad to say that I had no idea this museum existed! After reading this article, I know I have to visit sometime soon! It sounds amazing, and the activities that are planned for the upcoming year motivate me even more. I want to be featured here someday!

Have you been to this museum? If so, please share your experience with me! I would love to hear about it.

I hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday tomorrow!

I think I know where to start my Christmas list…

It has been awhile since I browsed the Publisher’s Weekly site, so I decided to spend some time there this evening. I was pleased to find an updated list of the best books of 2012! Isn’t this a fabulous place to start my Christmas wish list? I think so. I love using these books for inspiration in my own writing. It always amazes me how many new ideas spark in my mind just by reading the words of another distinguished writer. Check out the selection!

Let’s start a discussion. What books have sparked writing ideas for you? Have you published any material off of these sparks? If so, please share!

New Pigeon Book!

Do you have little kids? Have you been introduced to Mo Willems pigeon books yet? If not, you need to check them out. They are so cute! But you have to get into character to make them meaningful for your children. If you don’t, they will not be perceived nearly as well. I’m so excited to see that he just came out with an activity book starring the pigeon and his friend, the duck. Check it out! And be sure to watch the cute trailer at the bottom. I can’t wait to get this for Noah!

Interesting Video on Publishing

I found this video on YouTube today. I like the tips; they are good things to remember for any author. I’m so conflicted on my feelings about self-publishing though. I think if I didn’t have a full time job outside of being an author I would consider it more. I would have more time to work on the advertising piece. In order to be successful with self-publishing, this step is essential. I think I’m going to continue trying to publish the traditional way. If I’m not successful, I’ll revisit the idea again in the future. What are your thoughts?

Sad article from School Library Journal

Well, I know I’m a few days behind, but I was just reading the School Library Journal’s online website and came across this article. I remember reading the “Little Bear” books when I was just a young child. They were among my favorite stories. And I know they are still in good shape for me to pass on to Noah! I was so sad to read this, but what a fantastic life she lived. I can only hope my writing career will take off like hers did!