Freshman or freshmen?

So I want to talk about this today because it is driving me crazy. I work on a college campus, and I can’t count the number of times these words are misused! I see them in emails, PowerPoints, announcements, fliers, etc. You name it, I’ve seen a problem. So let’s review. ‘Freshman’ is singular, meaning one (1) person. ‘Freshmen’ is plural, meaning multiple people. It’s pretty simple!

Examples– Freshman (singular): Are you going to be a freshman next year? Freshmen (plural): Where are the freshmen lockers located?

I just do not understand why this is so difficult! (Breathe…) Okay, I feel better now that I got this off my chest. So let’s talk about writing! I’m so excited because I finally got myself in gear this weekend. I spent five hours at Barnes and Noble on Saturday night finalizing a few entries for a writing contest. As I was deciding what to enter, I was able to read through a lot of my previous work. When I see all the things I’ve written, I feel good about my work. I’m proud of myself. At the same time, I’m motivated to create something new. It’s time for a new story. A new idea to cultivate. So I’m pulling out my idea book, and I’m hoping to begin a framework soon. The hard part–which idea should I work on first? I’m thinking I need to continue working on the sequel to Crystal Clear, but at the same time I want a new picture book.

I’ll figure it out. In the meantime, I need some advice. How do you work full time, continue producing new stuff, and try to sell what you already have?? Can anyone help me out with this one?

Until next time…