It always amazes me how quickly time passes. I can’t believe it’s already been a month since the Indiana SCBWI conference. It was fabulous! I made some great connections and freshened up on some of my writing techniques and skills. I was able to talk with a few editors, which is always exciting. July will definitely be a month of submissions!

Somewhat related but off subject, I recently visited my sister and her family in Japan. What an amazing country! The Japanese people are very kind, and the city of Tokyo is extremely clean. It was very enlightening to learn about the culture and customs of this unique group of people. The reason I relate it to writing is because the trip reminded me of one of my writing goals. Part of my dream is to travel around the world to learn about the diverse groups of people, and then relay that knowledge in children’s books in a way they can enjoy and comprehend. I hadn’t thought about this in awhile, but after my trip I’m ready to revisit that section of my writing ideas notebook!

Well, it’s late so I’m going to head to bed, albeit not without finishing a chapter from Fifty Shades of Grey. Another first time published author who made it big! I’ll get there…give me time. 🙂

Happy reading!