Howdy! Thanks a ton to my sis for fixing the issues with my website. Unfortunately it wiped out the last few blog posts, but I can’t complain since it’s functional again. Couldn’t live online without her!

So many exciting things have been happening lately! A few weeks ago, I attended the fantastic Indiana SCBWI Conference at McCormick’s Creek. It was overflowing with wisdom. Dynamic speakers, helpful tips, networking opportunities, and fabulous friends…I couldn’t ask for more! I even ran into an old high school friend that I haven’t seen for years, who is also now a writer! She writes for National Geographic, and has a chapter book about lions that just came out recently. I highly recommend it. I bought it for my three-year-old son and he LOVES looking through it. Lots of great stuff! I always find these workshops to be rejuvenating. If you’ve never attended, I highly recommend it!

I’m thrilled to share recent updates on my current projects. First, I have one manuscript out that was a revision request from a very prominent publisher. After implementing the changes, I believe the story is stronger than ever. I’m amazed at the insight of this particular editor, and thrilled at the outcome of my story because of it. Even if they don’t take it, I’m more confident in it now than ever. It will sell somewhere! But I’m waiting by the mailbox each day for his response. This part is the hardest! Second, my BoilerMAKER book is well on it’s way. My illustrator (also known as my website builder and sister) is furiously working on the pictures to hit her June 1st deadline. Now it’s deciding between hard and soft cover and signing the contract. If we stay on track, it will be out this fall. Can’t wait for that! Finally, I’m starting a new project that relates to my current job. This will be nonfiction, and from what I can tell, nothing like it has been done before. It’s too early to release too many details, but the idea is developing. It promises to be exciting! 🙂

Time to put my little boy to bed. He doesn’t do so well when I’m clicking away on the keys, so it’s time to close the laptop.

Happy Monday!