What’s New?

I can’t believe I haven’t posted for a month! Time gets away from me so quickly. We just got back from a wonderful vacation in Florida…exactly what I needed to relax and regroup! Spent every day at the pool with my family–that’s the way a vacation should be!

Before that, I went to my alumni retreat at Seton Hill and had a blast. It was so great to get back together with my classmates and talk writing. We don’t have near enough opportunities to do that! One lesson I learned: always go prepared! You never know who you will meet. I had two requests for my YA manuscript; one on an impromptu pitch and the other at a dinner. I didn’t expect either one and was beyond thrilled! Submissions are out, so we will see what happens. Fingers crossed! Also came up with a new story idea with my buddy Dave on the eight hour drive home. This is a non-fiction reference book that I think could be dynamite if it is done right. We have the same thoughts on voice, so that’s a start. I’m really excited to start working on this book. It’s a different area for me, but different is good! Have to keep most of that under wraps right now, but I’ll update on the project as I can.

I was able to get my thoughts organized while in PA, and that is a huge plus. Sometimes I feel overwhelmed with everything that goes into being an author. I am going to work on writing the book with Dave, but selling my Purdue picture book. I am going to add a blurb about that soon on the work in progress tab. It’s super cute and should be a huge hit around here. My goal? Expand to other universities of course! But start here…baby steps.

That’s all for now. Had a window to blog since I’m dogsitting my neighbor’s awesome pups! I don’t think I will want to give these two back. They are the sweetest! 🙂

As always, if you have book ideas, don’t hesitate to put in idea requests!