What’s New?

It’s time for an update today! I have so many things going on, I decided I want to get my thoughts in order. Where better to do that than on my website for the world to see? So first I want to talk about my goals for this year. There are several conferences I would love to attend (you can see several of them on my upcoming events page), but I can realistically only attend a few. Lucky for me, two of the big ones are in my neighborhood this year. The regional SCBWI conference is in Fort Wayne, and the ACFW national conference is in Indianapolis. Both of these are excellent opportunities for me. God willing I will be there!

Speaking of, the next thing on my list is updating my memberships. Both SCBWI and ACFW are up for renewal, so I need to get on that here in the next few days. I find these memberships to be very valuable; the organizations keep me up to date on what is happening in the publishing world as well as the good fortunes of those around me. I love hearing the success stories; they are such an inspiration! Do you have any other suggestions on professional affiliations to become active in? What organizations have you found valuable?

Finally, I need to prioritize. What should I take with me to the conferences? What books should I push? I know for sure I need to take Crystal Clear; it is the most polished piece I have. It made it through my thesis defense and was endorsed by two well published authors, so it’s gotta be worth something, right? 🙂 I think I would also like to promote my Hattie Henry series, at least at SCBWI. I’m not sure what else to take or to work on right now. I would love to have your feedback! Please go to my ‘work in progress’ page and read the descriptions of my books. What sounds interesting to you? What would you like to see in print?

As always, thanks for stopping by! I value your feedback more than you know. Have a blessed week!